Sunday, June 12, 2022

Hottest pre-summer heatwaves in 20 years, temperatures touch 43-degree Celsius in Spain, 32 in UK



1. On Sunday, the heatwave could intensify as temperatures could rise to 43 degrees Celsius (110 Fahrenheit) in parts of southern Spain.

Spanish cities are suffering from soaring temperatures as the heat wave grips the country. According to the reports, temperatures have touched 40-degree celsius already.
2. Britain may bake in the hottest June ever with temperatures of 32 degrees

Summer may finally come to life next week, and some Brits will be roasting at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. Meteorological Bureau stated.

There is an area of ​​hot air that rises to the north Spain which will bring the Mediterranean as the weather invades the country,  Daily Mirror reports.

The south is starting to warm up well, but for those in the northern parts of the UK, there is still a search for decent weather with heavy rain and strong winds due to Alex’s remnants of storm, which continue to annoy.

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