Saturday, June 11, 2022

Bridge in Romania collapses 6 months after reopening with 2 cars on it, criminal cases opened



 1. One person was injured after a recently rehabilitated road bridge in Neamt county, northeastern Romania, collapsed on Thursday, June 9. A truck and a van were crossing the bridge when it fell. Prosecutors are now investigating the case, especially as the bridge reopened for traffic only six months ago after rehabilitation works.
2. The Lutska Bridge in Neamş County collapsed on Thursday, just six months after its reopening in November 2021. At the time of the collapse, there were vans and trucks on the bridge, injuring one person. The bridge is subordinate to the Neamț County Council, an institution led by Baron Ionel Arsene, who was responsible for the rehabilitation work.

Prime Minister Nicolae CiucČka demanded that all persons responsible for the collapse of the bridge over the Siret River be held accountable and ordered the Pentagon to act as an urgent issue to restore transport in the affected areas.
3. Complicated intervention at the collapsed bridge on Thursday in Neamţ where 20 sheep were also caught. Only on Saturday, firefighters managed to save 4 of the poor animals, still alive. The operation was very risky.

There would be at least one more animal under the rubble, but rescuers could not get in. The elements of the bridge must remain in the post-crash position so that experts can investigate the causes of the disaster.

In addition, even firefighters would risk their lives. Three criminal cases were opened after the recently repaired bridge collapsed with two cars on it.

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