Friday, November 13, 2020

Typhoon Vamco: Dozens dead as Philippines hit by powerful storm - BBC News

Typhoon Vamco

At least 42 people have died and 20 others are missing after Typhoon Vamco made landfall in the Philippines, police say.

Flooding on the largest island, Luzon, caused landslides, cut off roads and forced many to flee their homes.

Tens of thousands of people have sought shelter in evacuation centres, including in the capital Manila.

The typhoon, known locally as Ulysses, is the 21st storm to hit the country this year.

It comes just one week after the Philippines was hit by Goni, the most powerful typhoon seen in the country in seven years....



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  1. A powerful storm that killed dozens of people in the Philippines is now heading towards Vietnam, forcing tens of thousands to leave their homes.

    Typhoon Vamco is expected to make landfall in eastern Vietnam on Sunday.

    Airports and beaches have been closed and fishermen told to return to land as the country braces for winds of up to 100km/h (60m/h).

    The storm caused flooding and landslides in the Philippines' largest island Luzon.

    At least 42 people died and 20 others are missing in the Philippines after Typhoon Vamco hit on Wednesday, just one week after Goni, the most powerful typhoon seen in the country in seven years.


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