Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Siberian experts developing new 3D seismic survey methods to locate Arctic hydrocarbons

Researchers from the Institute of the Novosibirsk-based Institute of Oil and Gas Geology and Geophysics together with the Krasnoyarsk subsidiary of Russian oil giant, Rosneft, are creating new methods of 3D seismic survey to search for oil and gas fields in the Arctic.

These methods will yield precise results regardless of the season in order to create 3D models, said project head Vladimir Cheverda of the Institute of Oil and Gas Geology and Geophysics.

"It is difficult to conduct full-scale seismic survey on the shallow Arctic shelf during the summer. Heavy equipment and well-developed methods of onshore exploration can be used in the winter on the thick ice crust," the project head explained. "However, the easily excited wavefield is seriously complicated by the ice crust, which requires special methods of data processing."

"Some oil companies attempted to establish systems of observation on floating ice but faced uncontrollable hindrances. We managed to determine the source of the obstacles and are developing completely new methods for 3D seismic survey of minerals, as well as software designed for modern high-capacity supercomputers," Cheverda added.

He said the scientists will create models of in-depth wave distribution and furnish recommendations on developing the 3D seismic survey systems project.

"The mathematic modelling will help us create 3D realistic models describing the Arctic shelf’s main sections," the expert said.

The project is being implemented together with Rosneft’s subsidiary and has the support of the Russian Science Foundation for 2017-2019.

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