Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nepal mulling to install quake early warning system

Nepal's seismological authority said they were thinking of installing an earthquake early warning system to help alert the public immediately when a quake hits a region, allowing them to have a few more seconds to run for safety.

Chief of the National Seismological Center Lok Bijaya Adhikari said his office was thinking of the plan, adding "It may not be difficult to install the system initially but maintaining it could be more expensive," local newspaper The Himalayan Post reported on Wednesday.

According to experts, to set up such a system on real time seismology may cost 20 million US dollars. Although it may be a huge amount for the impoverished Himalayan country at this stage when it faces the daunting challenge of rehabilitation and reconstruction, it is a worthwhile investment.

Geophysicist Subesh Gimire said if super computers were set up and if sophisticated broadband seismometers were installed across the country it would roughly cost 20 million dollars, but that could save lives when powerful earthquakes occur.

The system electronically transmits real time information about earthquakes immediately through mobile phones and telephones and other electronic devices, Gimire explained.

Nepal is a quake-prone country and the destructive 7.9- magnitude earthquake on April 25 and a series of aftershocks have caused heavy human and property losses, while displacing tens of thousands of people.

"The government must seriously think of installing the earthquake early warning system," said Sunil Kumar Dwivedi, an engineering geologist, quoted by the newspaper.

Had Nepal had earthquake early warning system, it could have lessened the loss of life caused by the April 25 quake and it aftershocks, he added.

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