Monday, July 18, 2022

Floods in China, Fires in Europe: Extreme Weather Events to happen more often



As fires rage across Europe and floods inundate China, scientists caution extreme weather events are likely to happen more often across the globe due to climate change.

1. Flash floods in south-west and north-west China have left at least a dozen dead and put thousands of others in harm’s way, state media has reported.

In the south-western province of Sichuan, at least six people have died and another 12 are missing after torrential rain triggered flash floods, state-owned news outlet CGTN reported on Sunday.

About 1,300 people had been evacuated as of Saturday, the report said.
2a. France is scrambling more water-bombing planes and hundreds more firefighters to combat spreading wildfires being fed by hot swirling winds from a searing heat wave broiling much of Europe.
2b. Spain reported a second fatality in two days as it battled wildfires. The body of a 69-year-old sheep farmer was found Monday in the same hilly area where a 62-year-old firefighter died a day earlier when he was trapped by flames in the northwestern Zamora province. More than 30 forest fires around Spain have forced the evacuation of thousands of people and blackened 220 square kilometers (85 square miles) of forest and scrub.

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