Thursday, July 28, 2022

Chinese-built Peljesac Bridge in Croatia opens to traffic


 1. Time lapse: Construction of Peljesac Bridge.

The Chinese-built Peljesac Bridge, a key infrastructure project in Croatia, had been under construction since 2018 and opened to traffic on Tuesday [ New China TV]

2. A major bridge contracted by a Chinese consortium has opened to traffic in Croatia, giving the country its long-awaited travel convenience [ New China TV]

3. Pelješac Bridge - Pelješki Most - Construction Update October 2021

Pelješac Bridge gets its first layer of asphalt. The first 4 cm layer of asphalt is being applied to the structure of the bridge. So far 2/3 of the mainland - Pelješac road lane has been applied. The completion of the tarmacking is expected by the end of November. Also you can notice that the blue scaffolding on the bridge towers is removed.

The bridge will be a multi-span cable-stayed bridge with a total length of 2,404-metre. It will comprise 13 spans, while seven will be cable-stayed - five central 285-metre spans and two outer 203.5-metre spans. Two pylons around the 200-metre x 55-metre navigation channel will be 98-metre above sea level and 222-metre above the seabed. Build by the China Road and Bridge Corporation. [ EdoStuff Aviation]
While the construction of the bridge has since withstood multiple tests, such as wind, rain, epidemics and earthquakes it has overcome the difficulties, advanced on schedule and opened to traffic.

The bridge's completion has greatly shortened the commute time between northern and southern Croatia, making it easier for the local population to travel while potentially boosting economic development and trade, media reported.

The Chinese consortium won the bid in 2018 and started the construction of the sea-crossing bridge.

As the largest construction project of transportation infrastructure since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Croatia, the Peljesac Bridge, 2,440 meters long and 22.5 meters wide, is also a model project for China, Croatia and the EU to carry out tripartite cooperation.


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