Saturday, December 05, 2020

Asteroid capsule landing point detected - BBC News


A recovery team in Australia has detected the landing point of a space capsule bearing the first large quantities of rock from an asteroid.

The capsule, containing material from a space rock called Ryugu, parachuted down near Woomera in South Australia.

The samples were originally collected by a Japanese spacecraft called Hayabusa-2, which spent more than a year investigating the object.

The capsule separated from Hayabusa-2, later entering the Earth's atmosphere.

Screaming towards Earth at 11km/s, it was picked up by cameras as a dazzling fireball streaking over Australia's Coober Pedy region...


Hayabusa 2 spacecraft

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  1. After traveling through space for six years to investigate the origins of the solar system, the Japanese probe Hayabusa2 released to fall to Earth on Saturday a capsule with samples of a remote asteroid that it took last year.

    The samples were taken from the remote asteroid Ryugu, located 340 million kilometers from Earth, in a project undertaken by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). EFE-EPA


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