Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Four hikers found dead in Swiss Alps: police

Swiss Alps
Bad weather that forced a group of hikers to spend the night outdoors in the Swiss Alps have left four dead and another five in critical condition, local police from southern Switzerland's Valais canton said Monday.

According to the police statement, 14 hikers trapped by bad weather were forced to spend the night outdoors on the night of April 29 in the area of Pigne d'Arolla in the Swiss Alps.

The police said they received a call for help early on Monday, whereupon a major emergency relief effort was undertaken. Seven helicopters with doctors and lifeguards on board were dispatched to the scene.

Rescuers discovered 14 people, including several suffering from hypothermia. Among the dead was someone who had died from what was probably a fall. The rescued were helicoptered to various hospitals in Valais, the police said in its statement.

According to the police, while five others are still in serious condition, the other hikers had mild hypothermia and their lives are not in danger.

The initial police investigation showed that due to unexpected bad weather, the hikers, who were of Italian, French and German nationality, were forced to stop and spend the night at an altitude of 3,270 meters.

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