Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cyclone Roanu Hits Bangladesh.

Cyclone Roanu hit the coast of Bangladesh Saturday afternoon, traveling with speeds as high as 80 kilometers per hour. 

Authorities say tens of thousands of people have fled their homes to sit out the storm in more than 2,000 shelters.

Officials say five people were killed in southern districts after Roanu's heavy rains caused extensive damage to the region's mud-and-tin houses.

Shah Alam , a police inspector, told the French News Agency the rain caused a landslide in Sitakundu in Chittagong.  He said a mother and her young child were killed when their home was buried in the slide.

The Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority has restricted the movement of all vessels across the country.

Roanu is expected to leave the region later Saturday.

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  1. Five killed as cyclone Roanu starts to batter Bangladesh...

    A cyclone battered the coast of Bangladesh on Saturday killing at least five people after lashing India's east coast with heavy rain and wind.

    Authorities in low-lying Bangladesh have relocated about 500,000 people into 3,500 shelters, the disaster minister said, even as Cyclone Roanu killed three people in house collapses and two in landslides.

    "We've shifted most of the people who are vulnerable," Disaster Management and Relief Minister Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya told a news conference.

    "All-out preparations are in place to tackle the damage".

    Officials suspended flights at Chittagong airport in the southeast while the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority imposed restrictions on the movement of all ships and ferries.....REUTERS

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