Friday, January 15, 2016

Gas Leak Creates Toxic Cloud in Southeast Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Authorities said a gas leak created a toxic cloud in the Port of Santos on Thursday afternoon, sending several people to hospitals due to irritation and breathing problems.

The toxic cloud has already made its way to the towns of Guaruja and Santos, spreading over an area of about ten kilometers. The leak came from a container at a terminal of the Santos Port, and a fire broke out later, damaging 12 other containers.

According to Local Frio, the firm that owned the leaking container, rain water entered the container and triggered a chemical reaction that released the gas. It added that the substance stored in the container is sodium chloride isocyanate.

The injured victim received medical care and are out of danger. Authorities urged those living close to the terminal to evacuate. Others were asked to stay indoors to prevent exposure to the toxic cloud. 


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  1. A cargo warehouse, located in the Guaruja area near Santos, Sao Paulo state, has exploded after a water leak caused a reaction with stored chemicals, Brazil's Veja magazine reported late Thursday...

    Containers stored at the cargo terminal belonging to the Localfrio company contained hydrochloric acid and sodium dichloroisocyanurate, a disinfectant, Localfrio representatives said, according to the magazine.

    A series of fires and explosions broke out after water reacted with the chemicals, causing a large toxic cloud to spread through the port area.

    Firefighters have not gained complete control of the fire by nighttime, Guaruja's fire department said......


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