Friday, April 24, 2015

High radiation levels detected in Tokyo children's park

A high level of radiation has been detected in a park in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward, municipal government officials said Friday.

Officials have closed the park, located in a residential area of Ikebukuro near Shimoitabashi Station on the Tobu line.

 Fuji TV reported that one spot near the playground measured 480 microsieverts per hour or nearly half the recommended annual limit of exposure.

Officials said a club was dug up and said it was radioactive with radium.

Although the radiation level does not pose a health risk, the ward has closed the park until it can decontaminate the area.
***The park was opened in March 2013. Previously, the area was used as a parking space for garbage collection vehicles.

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  1. Tokyo Parents in Shock: Playground Contaminated With Radiation...

    Japanese parents are in shock as extremely high levels of radioactive contamination were detected at a playground in Tokyo on Friday, media reported.

    The radiation reached extremely high levels, causing anxiety among Tokyo residents. Its level was 480 microsieverts per hour, equal to a half the recommended annual limit of 1,000 microsieverts for adults.

    It is still unclear what kind of radioactive substance caused such radiation levels in the park which was opened in 2013, two years after the Fukushima disaster. The site is currently fenced off and the radiation in other parts of the park is lower, the Japan Times reported.....


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