Sunday, April 26, 2015

18 mountaineers killed in Mount Qomolangma avalanche

At least 18 mountaineers have been confirmed killed in the avalanche in Mount Qomolangma, triggered by a major earthquake on Saturday, and their nationalities are not yet clear, Nepal's Tourism Department told Xinhua on Sunday.

"Eighteen climbers have lost their lives with around 20 others missing in the avalanche", Tulsi Prasad Gautam, Executive Director of Department of Tourism told Xinhua.

Though six helicopters were dispatched to the avalanche-hit area on Saturday, only two could function owing to bad weather condition.

A few of the injured are undergoing treatment at Pheriche village near Lukla whereas other climbers are on their way down from the base camp. At least 50 climbers are estimated to be missing from the base camp. "One helicopter has been already sent this morning to bring the seriously injured to Kathmandu for specialized medical treatment," Gautam added.

According to Department of Tourism, weather is a major challenge for the rescue operation.

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  1. Snow will continue in China's Tibet Autonomous Region till Monday, adding pressure to the rescue work there.

    A forecast by the National Meteorological Center (NMC) said snow and storms has already hit parts of the Tibetan region by Sunday and more snow and showers are expected on

  2. Kathmandu airport closed due to bad weather...

    The Kathmandu airport has been closed again for operations around 6:30 pm (India time) due to bad weather.

    "There is a very heavy thunderstorm and rain in Kathmandu. Aircraft were not able to land there and the airport is almost closed for operations till the weather improves," said a senior air traffic control (ATC) officer.

    The airport was closed at 1.15 pm on Sunday as the ATC tower was evacuated due to constant aftershocks. It reopened around 4 pm and then flights had again started till weather turned bad.

  3. Népal: 250 personnes portées disparues dans une nouvelle avalanche ...

    Quelque 250 personnes sont portées disparues après une avalanche survenue mardi dans une région du Népal proche de l'épicentre du récent séisme meurtrier et se trouvant sur un parcours de trekking connu, a indiqué un responsable local.

    "Une avalanche est survenue aujourd'hui dans l'après-midi à Ghodatabela, une zone se situant sur le trek connu de Langtang", a dit ce responsable, Uddhav Prasad Bhattarai.

    "Il est difficile de donner le nombre exact de disparus mais ils pourraient être 250 selon une première estimation".

    Des touristes étrangers pourraient se trouver parmi les personnes disparues mais la zone est difficile d'accès et les communications compliquées, a ajouté ce responsable.


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