Tuesday, February 03, 2015

China warns of festival air pollution caused by fireworks

China's environment watchdog on Tuesday demanded local governments take measures during the lunar New Year celebrations to lessen pollution caused by fireworks.
Local governments should limit fireworks displays, expand restricted areas and reinforce check-ups if weather conditions are not suitable for pollutants to disperse, said the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Setting off fireworks is a Chinese New Year tradition, but pollutants generated by fireworks such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, worsened air quality in many Chinese cities last year.

The ministry asked local governments to designate time and area for firework display, review retailers' qualifications and promote environmentally-friendly fireworks.

Fireworks are not the only tradition the Chinese have to give up for better air quality. The government has also urged people to burn less incense in the temples.

  Source:Xinhua - globaltimes.cn

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  1. Air pollution reached "dangerous levels" in 106 Chinese cities at the height of the celebrations welcoming the Lunar New Year due to use of firecrackers and fireworks, a Xinhua tally has found...

    Between 8 p.m. on Wednesday and 10 a.m. on Thursday, the Air quality index (AQI) surpassed 300 in 106 cities. Based on China's standard, an AQI between 201 and 300 is considered "heavy pollution", and an AQI of over 300 is defined as "serious".

    The China National Environmental Monitoring Center (CNEMC) put the number of air-polluted cities at 201 from Wednesday night to the daytime of Thursday. More than 40 of them saw "serious pollution."

    Beijing had a superb day on Wednesday in the daytime as the AQI was below 50. While the fireworks celebrations in the night ruined it.

    "I just showed off the 'blue sky' on my social network in the morning but the smog came back in the night," lamented a Beijing resident surnamed Chen....................http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/908301.shtml


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