Friday, September 26, 2014

Hungary halts gas sale to Ukraine on Russia fears

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Sept. 26 that Hungary could not risk a halt to Russian gas supplies as it froze deliveries to Ukraine amid threats by Moscow.

"Hungary cannot get into a situation in which, due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, it cannot access its required supply of energy," Orban said on state radio.

Hungary's gas pipeline network operator FGSZ said late Sept. 25 it had indefinitely suspended gas supply to neighbouring Ukraine for technical reasons, a move branded "unexpected and unexplained" by Ukraine state-owned gas firm Naftogaz.

Orban's statement followed a warning by Moscow that it could cut off European countries have been re-exporting gas to Ukraine to help Kiev through its latest energy war with Moscow.

The threat came as energy chiefs gathered in Berlin for EU-mediated talks aimed at halting a Russian gas supply cut to Ukraine that could leave parts of the war-scarred nation without heat this winter.

The European Commission rapped EU member Hungary for cutting of so-called reverse flow supplies to Ukraine.

"The message from the commission is very clear - we expect all member states to facilitate reverse flows as agreed by the European Council in the interest of a shared energy security," said European Commission spokeswoman Helene Banner in Brussels.

'Large quantities of gas needed'

The Hungarian halt in supply came days after a meeting in Budapest between Alexei Miller, head of Russian gas giant Gazprom, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who often warns against damaging commercial relations with Russia.

"In the next period we will need large quantities of gas.... We will receive this, I agreed this with Alexei Miller," Orban said.....................



  1. The European Union has proposed that Ukraine pay Russia $3.1 billion to cover its debt to Russia's gas giant Gazprom, European Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger said Friday....

    "We are talking about Ukraine committing to pay all of its open invoices, which amount to $2 billion, with the payments required to be made no later than the end of October. The payments must be made to the account of Russian partners [of Ukraine] and the Commission will get relevant guarantees from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)," Oettinger said following trilateral gas talks in Berlin.

    The energy commissioner added that Ukraine will also submit an additional payment of $1.1 billion to its Russian partners before the end of the year. Thus, Gazprom will receive a total of $3.1 billion from Ukraine by the end of 2014.

    In June, Moscow introduced a prepayment system of gas deliveries to Ukraine due to Kiev's gas debt, estimated at $5.3 billion....................

  2. L’Ukraine a accepté de verser à la Russie, au titre de sa dette gazière, 2 milliards de dollars d’ici la fin du mois d’octobre et 1,1 milliard de dollars d’ici la fin de l’année....

    C’est ce qu’a indiqué le Commissaire européen à l’Energie, Günther Oettinger, suite aux négociations tripartites (UE-Russie-Ukraine) qui se sont tenues à Berlin.

    Le reste de la dette sera, selon lui, payé une fois que le tribunal d’arbitrage de Stockholm aura rendu ses conclusions, si celles-ci sont en faveur de Gazprom.

    Actuellement, le tarif du gaz russe pour l’Ukraine s’élève à 385 dollars pour 1000 mètres cubes, a déclaré le commissaire européen. La Russie fournira cet hiver cinq milliards de mètres cubes de gaz à ce tarif via un système de prépaiement.

    Oettinger a également souligné qu’il était impossible d’acter une reprise des livraisons de gaz en Ukraine sans l’accord de Gazprom.
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  3. La Russie pourrait relancer ses exportations de gaz vers l’Ukraine dès octobre, si l’ensemble des accords passés avec le pays sont respectés....

    La première condition étant le remboursement de la première partie de la dette ukrainienne qui s’élève à 2 milliards de dollars, a déclaré le ministre russe de l’Energie, Alexander Novak, s’exprimant sur le bilan des négociations tripartites sur le gaz qui se sont tenues à Berlin.

    Il a rappelé qu’à aujourd’hui, la dette due par Naftogaz à Gazprom s’élève à 5,3 milliards de dollars. Il a également indiqué que pour relancer les livraisons de gaz pour la période hivernale, l’Ukraine devrait s’acquitter d’une dette de 2 milliards de dollars au mois d’octobre, et encore d’un million de dollars d’ici la fin du mois de décembre.

    Il n’y pour le moment pas d’accord sur la façon dont s’effectuera le paiement du reste de la dette. Cela dépendra sans doute des conclusions du tribunal d’arbitrage de Stockholm, a ajouté M. Novak.
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    1. EU hopeful of gas deal between Ukraine and Russia...

      The EU's energy commissioner is hopeful of a deal between Ukraine and Russia to end their dispute over gas deliveries after three-way talks in Berlin.

      Guenther Oettinger outlined a plan which would see Russia supply Ukraine over the winter and into the spring.

      Ukraine would pay Russia $2bn (£1.2bn) of its gas debt by the end of October and another $1.1bn by the year's end.

      The talks will continue next week. Russia halted supplies in June over Ukraine's unpaid debts...............


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