Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ukraine Ready to Pay Russia $4 bln by End of May for Gas. - Gazprom to cut supplies to Ukraine from June if no prepayment

Ukraine is ready to pay Russia $4 bln for gas supplies by the end of May, Deputy Energy Minister Ihor Didenko said on Thursday, adding that Kyiv used $268.5 per 1,000 cubic meters as the base price to calculate the sum.
"The Ukrainian side has clearly said that if the price of $268.5 is fixed, then Naftogaz is ready to pay before the end of May a sum of around $4 billion,'' Didenko told a news conference.

He also said Ukraine planned to import from Russia 3.4 billion cubic meters of gas in May. Russia is currently asking Ukraine to pay $485 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas. 
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  • Ukraine unable to pay for gas supplies even with discount (Energy minister, Alexander Novak)
Russia does not see that Ukraine has any possibilities to pay for natural gas supplies even if discount provided due to the economically complicated situation in the country. Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak stated this on Thursday. He added that the Russian side does not have any guarantees that Ukraine would be able to pay for gas supplies with any discount.
  “We do not have guarantees that even if a price of $100 will be set, these bills would be paid by the Ukrainian side. What we see today is a complete insolvency,” the minister noted. Earlier, parliament-appointed Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Yuriy Prodan stated that Ukraine was ready to pay the debt for supplied Russian gas “within 10 days, if Russia goes back to the price of $268.5 for 1,000 cu. m”.
  Ukraine is ready to pay about $4 billion of debt for Russian gas until the end of May in case if the price is set at $268.5  for 1,000 cu. m, Deputy Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Ihor Didenko said........[]
  • Putin expects more active EU role in solving Ukraine gas debt problem

Russia is disappointed by the absence of EU specific proposals on solving the Ukraine gas debt problem and expects European countries to play a more active role in this process, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

In a special address to European leaders, Putin said that Russia’s decision to demand advance payments for natural gas deliveries to Ukraine was a forced measure.

“In early April, we came up with a proposal to hold immediate consultations with the aim of elaborating coordinated actions to stabilize the Ukrainian economy and ensure stable Russian gas deliveries and transit in compliance with contract terms,” Putin said in his letter.

Since then, Russia has held consultations with some non-EU countries in Moscow, at which “our partners fully shared our concerns over Ukraine’s payments for gas delivered by Russia and the risks of insufficient amounts of gas pumped into Ukraine’s underground storage facilities (to ensure uninterrupted gas transit to Europe),” Putin said.

“As for EU member countries, only one meeting was held In Warsaw during this period with a delegation led by EU Energy Commissioner (Gunther) Oettinger with the participation of Ukrainian representative (Energy Minister Yuriy) Prodan,” Putin said.

“Unfortunately, we have to state that we have not received any specific proposals from our partners on stabilizing the situation with the fulfillment of contractual obligations by the Ukrainian buyer and ensuring reliable gas transit,” Putin said.

The Russian president said that “over this time the situation with the payment for Russian gas had only deteriorated” as Gazprom had not received any payment for gas delivered to Ukraine.

“Ukraine’s overall debt has grown from $2.237 billion to $3.508 billion,” Putin said. “The debt grew despite the fact that the Ukrainian side had received the first $3.2 billion loan tranche from the IMF,” Putin said.

“In this situation, the Russian side issued a bill for gas prepayment from June 1 in strict compliance with the contract and will make gas deliveries in amounts prepaid by the Ukrainian side,” Putin said.

“I would like to emphasize once again that this is a forced decision. The Russian Federation remains open for the continuation of consultations and for joint actions with European countries for normalizing the situation,” Putin wrote in his letter........

 [] 15/5/14

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