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Friday, August 14, 2015

Gazprom's claim against Naftogaz grows to $29.2 bln

Russian energy giant Gazprom has increased the amount of its claims against NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine from $23.837 billion to $29.2 billion, according to Gazprom's Quarterly Report.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Kiev Again Rejects Russia’s Gas Discount Compromise Offer (Ukraine Energy Minister)

KIEV, August 29 (RIA Novosti) – Ukraine still refuses to negotiate Russia’s proposed discount of $100 per 1,000 billion cubic meters of gas, Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan said Friday.

“We were again suggested the price of $385 [per 1,000 billion cubic meters] with a $100 discount because of export duty cancellation. The Russian side thinks that the price of $485 is fair. We think that this price is discriminatory,” he said.

Prodan also dismissed as “baseless” Russia’s concerns that Ukraine will tap Europe-bound transit gas from its pipeline network amid expected gas shortages in winter.

Outcome of gas talks between Vice-President Oettinger and Russian Energy Minister Novak

European Commission, Statement, Moscow, 29 August 2014:

At today’s meeting in Moscow with Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, Vice-President of the EU Commission Günther H. Oettinger reiterated his proposal to have an interim solution including an interim price.
Both agreed that a solution should contain the following four elements:
  • the interim price
  • the fulfilment of all supply and transit obligations
  • a repayment plan for the unpaid bills to be developed by the next few weeks
  • the use of OPAL pipeline

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

EU offered Ukraine and the RF to reach the agreement on gas, without the Stockholm court

The European Union (EU) has suggested "reaching an intermediate agreement on gas" between Ukraine and Russia, without waiting for rulings of the Stockholm arbitration court, Guenther Oettinger, EU Commissioner on Energy, said at the close of talks with the Ukrainian president.

The Contact Group on Ukraine must resume its work as soon as possible, Russia's President Vladimir Putin stated at the close of his meeting with Ukrsinian President Pyotr Poroshenko.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Kiev et Moscou sont capables de trouver un compromis sur le prix du gaz (Porochenko)

 Le président ukrainien Piotr Porochenko considère que Kiev et Moscou pourront trouver un compromis sur le prix du gaz et sur les questions économiques. Prorochenko a fait cette affirmation dans un entretien aux chaînes ukrainiennes.

Il a souligné en même temps qu’en ce qui concerne les intérêts nationaux, l'intégrité territoriale et la souveraineté d'Ukraine, aucun compromis ne sera fait.

Précédemment Gazprom est passé au régime de versements par acompte concernant les règlements pour le gaz exporté en Ukraine, tout en réduisant les livraisons dans le pays.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Russia, Ukraine not to refer gas row to arbitration tribunal (Gazprom CEO)

Gas price may be reduced for Ukraine either by means of customs duties or through corrections in the price formula...

Russia and Ukraine have agreed not to refer the gas row to an arbitration tribunal in Stockholm, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller told Rossiya 24 television.

“The sides have agreed that neither of them goes to the Stockholm Arbitration Institute,” he said.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Naftogaz sends proposals to Gazprom on revising gas price. - A fair market-based price should be $268.1 per 1,000 cm

The Ukrainian national energy company Naftogaz Ukrainy has forwarded a pre-arbitration note to Gazprom, proposing its terms to settle disagreements regarding the 2009 gas supply contract through negotiations, Naftogaz reported on Thursday. The Ukrainian company proposed revising several key provisions of the contract, the principal one being the price at which Ukraine is buying gas from Russia.

"The matter involves both the price for gas offered to Ukraine starting April 1 this year and the price that Naftogaz Ukrainy has had to pay in the past. The latter automatically calls into question the size of the debt for gas consumed in the past periods, the settlement of which Gazprom is currently demanding," it said.

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