Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Scientists Extract RNA From Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

Scientists Extract RNA From Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

Scientists have achieved a monumental breakthrough in genetic research, successfully extracting RNA from a preserved Tasmanian tiger specimen. This unprecedented feat opens new doors to understanding extinct species and also offers insights into past pandemics and the impact of human activities on species' extinction.

Research about the Tasmanian tiger has interested scientists, although it no longer exists. In a significant breakthrough, researchers announced they had extracted RNA (Ribonucleic acid) - genetic material ubiquitous in all living cells from a Tasmanian tiger's parched dermal layers and muscle tissues preserved in a Stockholm museum since 1891.

Although not the primary focus of this investigation, the adeptness in extracting, sequencing, and examining aged RNA can significantly bolster other scientists' endeavors to regenerate prehistoric fauna and flora. Additionally, the RNA recovery from ancient viruses may offer crucial insights into understanding past pandemics' origins.

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