Saturday, March 18, 2023

California Braces for 12th Atmospheric River As Damage from Severe Weather Tops $1B - World news - Tasnim

California Braces for 12th Atmospheric River

California has experienced nearly a dozen atmospheric rivers in recent months, leading to high levels of snowpack and rainfall not seen for decades.

However, prolonged heavy rainfall has caused flooding, mudslides, and levee breaches, leading to widespread damage and repair costs estimated to exceed $1 billion.

Governor Gavin Newsom toured damaged areas in Pajaro in north Monterey County and stated that the damage from the winter storms is an indication of how climate change is triggering worsening weather extremes.

Only 36% of California remains in drought, and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has lifted water restrictions for nearly 7 million people.

As the state braces for the 12th atmospheric river in mere months, officials and residents across the state are rushing to secure hillsides, clear debris, and prepare for further flooding and impacts from the new storm.

The dramatic swing from drought to heavy rainfall has compounded the impact of the storms, putting extra pressure on state systems and resources.

Emergency responders and resources are running thin, and state officials are hoping to help the public understand their risks and prepare for the next storm.

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