Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Baptism, Epiphany, 2023: How to swim safely diving in icy waters with the old calendar


 Brave Russians celebrate Epiphany diving in icy waters with the old calendar, January 19, under polar temperatures, like the brotherly people of Ukraine (https://youtu.be/356aVRCVFnk).

It's a centuries-old tradition that is likely to be ruined after American, EU, NATO intervention.

For those of the Eastern Orthodox faiths, Epiphany is the commemoration of Jesus Christ's baptism in the Jordan River, celebrated on Jan. 19 with a dip in frigid waters that is thought to cleanse believers of their sins and keep illness at bay.
How to swim safely in the hole:

Before Epiphany bathing on the night of January 19, one must adequately assess one's well-being and take into account the state of one's health in order to reduce the risks of dangerous consequences. This was reported in the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

“With a sharp temperature drop, the body experiences severe stress, so it is recommended to prepare for dipping into an ice hole in advance. Winter bathing can be useful if this was preceded by a long hardening,” the department stressed.

For chronically ill and elderly people, before bathing, it is better to consult with your doctor, who will give recommendations on dipping in ice water. It is worth refusing to bathe with ARVI and elevated temperature.

It is not recommended to swim at Epiphany for cores and hypertensive patients, as there is a risk of getting a myocardial infarction, a hypertensive crisis, or a heart rhythm disruption.

It is forbidden to plunge children under seven years old, as a sudden immersion of an unprepared child in ice water can lead to a panic attack due to stress and respiratory arrest.
You should swim only when sober, and after dipping, do not drink alcohol. Even with a single use of a strong drink, an additional load on the heart increases.

“After dipping into an ice hole, it is recommended to drink a warming drink, such as tea, but you should give up coffee, as it is a stressful factor for the body,” the Ministry of Health concluded.(@RENTV)

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