Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Artemis 1 Moon Mission Looks Good To Launch On Wednesday Deadline - NASA Engineers

Artemis 1 Moon Mission

The first uncrewed test-launch of the Artemis 1 Moon rocket and the Orion spacecraft is still on the current schedule for Wednesday, NASA mission engineers told a press conference.

"We don't have any changes to our posture as we head into our launch attempt," Lead Flight Director Mike Serafin said at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Monday.

NASA Exploration Ground Systems Deputy Program Manager Jeremy Parson said the Artemis system was looking good for launch and there were no significant problems seen to prevent a launch on schedule early on Wednesday.

"We are already in a powered up configuration. We are at a normal stable configuration. We are still OK to launch. The unanimous opinion of the team is feeling pretty good about that now going into it, is that we are OK to launch," Parsons said. "We are more confident than we have ever been in our loading procedures."

Serafin said Artemis engineers were planning a slower, gentler fueling of the liquid hydrogen in the rocket to reduce the possibility of any more valve leak problems that have forced the cancellation of previous launch attempts.

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