Monday, September 19, 2022

Hurricane Fiona leaves Puerto Rico with 'catastrophic' flooding, nears Dominican Republic



Fiona is expected to grow stronger, catastrophic event in Puerto Rico.

1. The storm, hitting Puerto Rico five years after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, ripped up asphalt from roads, swept away a major road bridge, closed airports, swamped cars and dumped rain in such quantities that some rivers were rising 20 feet in just hours, according to eyewitnesses.

"This has been catastrophic," Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi said at a news conference in the capital San Juan.

The Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi, has confirmed that the island's authorities are gradually restoring the electricity supply after the blackout caused this Sunday by Hurricane 'Fiona'.
2. Hurricane Fiona smashed into Puerto Rico on Sunday, knocking out the US island territory's power while dumping torrential rain and wreaking catastrophic damage before spinning off towards the Dominican Republic.

Landslides, blocked roads, fallen trees and power lines, as well as a collapsed bridge in the town of Utuado in the central mountainous region were among the destruction already levied by Fiona, Governor Pedro Pierluisi told an evening press conference.

The entire territory of more than three million people lost power as the hurricane neared, with Pierluisi reporting the electrical system out of service.

Although the hurricane's eye is now off the territory's coast, destructive rain and devastating flash floods are expected to buffet the islands overnight before hitting the Dominican Republic on Monday.
Tropical Storm Fiona approaches the Caribbean, heads for Puerto Rico with heavy rains: []

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