Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Sinking Maldives plans to reclaim land from the ocean using sand dredged from a lagoon


 A controversial project to reclaim land on an atoll threatened by rising sea levels has been announced in the Maldives, with hopes that it may boost tourism balanced against fears that it could “choke the ecosystem”. 

The low-lying island nation, one of the world’s most vulnerable to climate change, has commissioned a major shore protection and land reclamation scheme using sand dredged from a lagoon, despite concerns about the impact on this UNESCO biosphere reserve.

 A Dutch marine contractor, Van Oord, has announced it will create 194 hectares (480 acres) of land, including three new island resorts, in the southern atoll of Addu City – part of a Maldives government project to stimulate the local economy, tackle land shortage and protect the coastline.

 The scheme will reportedly cost $147.1m and be funded via an Indian bank.

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