Friday, April 22, 2022

The last 7 years, the hottest on Earth since there are records



The last seven years were the warmest on record, with 2021 ranking between 5th and 7th warmest.
Global temperatures have risen significantly since the pre-industrial era and the last seven years are the warmest on record, according to a report from the European Copernicus Climate Change Service.
The report confirms that globally, the last seven years were the warmest on record with 2021 being among the cooler of these, and that average global sea surface temperature (SST) for 2021 was the 6th or 7th warmest since 1850. However, there is a clear increase globally both over land and sea compared to pre-industrial levels, with global surface air temperatures having increased between 1.1 and 1.2°C.

La Niña conditions at the beginning and end of the year meant that 2021 SSTs were cooler globally than in recent years, which also impacted surface air temperatures over land and ocean.  

Global sea level continued to rise during 2021; the total increase since 1993 is around 9cm. Latest consolidated data, up until the end of 2020, show that the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets continued to lose mass........European Copernicus Climate Change Service.

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