Sunday, January 02, 2022

‘Green’ label for nuclear & gas ‘absolutely wrong,’ German minister says — RT World News

‘Green’ label for nuclear & gas ‘absolutely wrong,’ German minister says

Proposals by the European Commission to label some natural gas and nuclear energy projects as ‘green’ have been heavily criticized in Germany. The country’s environment minister called them “absolutely wrong.”

The draft regulation, which may be officially proposed later this month, suggests labeling natural gas as ‘transitional energy’ if it produces emissions below a certain level, while nuclear energy investments could be recognized as sustainable if toxic waste can be properly disposed of.

“I think it is absolutely wrong that the European Commission intends to include nuclear power in the EU taxonomy for sustainable economic activities,” the Green Party’s Steffi Lemke told Funke media group newspapers.

She said a form of energy that can potentially lead to “devastating environmental disasters” and produce huge amounts of radioactive waste “cannot be sustainable.” 


La proteste di Greenpeace. Nel mirino la proposta della Commissione europea sul nucleare. Per gli attivisti una grave minaccia per l’Europa 


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