Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Even mild cases of Covid-19 affect memory & attention – study — RT World News

Scientists from Britain’s Oxford University have revealed that people who have had mild Covid-19 and didn’t suffer from other widespread ‘long Covid’ symptoms in daily life still show degraded attention and memory for six to nine months after infection.

Participants of the latest study had tested positive for Covid-19 previously, but didn’t report any ‘long Covid’ symptoms often present after acute infection, nor other health concerns after recovery. They were not much different from an uninfected control group at the time of testing on factors such as fatigue, forgetfulness, sleep patterns or anxiety.

These people were asked to perform a series of exercises with a focus on activities essential for everyday life, such as sustaining attention, planning, memory and reasoning.

As a result, the scientists found that participants performed well in most tasks, but were significantly worse at recalling personal memories for up to six months after recovery. They also displayed a decline in ability to sustain attention over time for up to nine months.


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