Saturday, January 15, 2022

‘Another hellish day’: Argentina swelters under record heat wave | Al Jazeera

Argentina swelters under record heat wave

Parts of Argentina and neighbouring countries in South America have been setting record-high temperatures as the region swelters under a historic heatwave.

“Practically all of Argentina and also neighbouring countries such as Uruguay, southern Brazil and Paraguay are experiencing the hottest days in history,” said Cindy Fernandez, a meteorologist at Argentina’s official National Meteorological Service.

Many towns have posted their highest temperatures since record-keeping began, with some zones heating up to 45C (113F), according to the weather service.

“In Argentina, from the center of Patagonia to the north of the country, thermal values ​​are being recorded that are reaching or exceeding 40 degrees,” Fernandez said.

The heat and a prolonged drought have hit the grain-producing country’s crops, though there is hope that an expected drop in temperature next week will bring a period of rainfall to cool both plants and people.


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