Tuesday, January 25, 2022

A heavy Snowstorm paralysed Athens, the Greek Army was asked to intervene | EL ETOS UT



 After a heavy snowstorm paralysed Athens, the Greek army was asked to intervene and help citizens who were trapped in their cars for hours. 

Many parts of Athens are still facing electricity cut off, hundreds of cars are blocked on highways, and more than 500 people are trapped in trains. 

 In his first test as Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, former EU Commissioner Christos Stylianidis apologised to Greek citizens for the failure of the government to protect them. 


Δραματικές ώρες για τους οδηγούς που εγκλωβίστηκαν όλη τη νύχτα στην Αττική Οδό και άλλους αυτοκινητόδρομους του Λεκανοπεδίου μετά την πρωτοφανή χιονόπτωση. 

Γενική αργία σε πολλές περιοχές της Ελλάδας.



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