Tuesday, December 07, 2021

China Rover Discovers Mysterious ‘Cabin’ on Far Side of Moon - Tasnim News Agency

Yutu-2 moon rover

(Tasnim) – The Chinese moon rover Yutu 2 has discovered a mysterious object square on the far side of the moon.

According to Chinese newspaper the Global Times, the country’s Yutu II Yutu-2 moon rover has recently spotted a mysterious cube-shaped object on the lunar horizon. Photos it sent back to Earth show that the object looks like a little hut and is located on the horizon on the dark side of the moon.

The rover spotted the object on the horizon to the north and roughly 80 meters away during the mission's 36th lunar day, according to a Yutu II diary published by Our Space, a science outreach channel affiliated with the China National Space Administration (CNSA).

It has been referred to as a "mystery hut," but space enthusiasts note that it is just a placeholder name rather than an accurate description.

After telling scientists on Earth about the discovery, Yutu II is already on its way there to find out what the "hut" really is. It is expected to reach its destination after two to three lunar days.

The discovery has aroused the interest of netizens on China's Twitter-like platform Sina Weibo, with many saying it reminded them of the palace located on the moon in ancient Chinese mythology -- the Guang Han Palace.

The lunar rover sent by China aboard the ship no manned Chang’e-4 in 2019, whose name means “jade rabbit,” began its expedition last October and will last 36 months.

Yutu 2 rover has six wheels, two solar panels For its food, a radar and multiple cameras to explore the hidden face of the Moon, whose natural rotation is slowed by Earth’s gravity, which means that we always see the same half, says EFE.

Once the vehicle was taken to the moon on the Chang’e-4, Chinese experts assured that there would be “surprising discoveries” as the exploration could reveal information hidden in that part of the natural satellite little explored.

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