Monday, December 27, 2021

Brazil: Rains rips dams with high volume of water, at least 400,000 people displaced



 Parts of Brazil are underwater after weeks of heavy rainfall and complicating matters further two dams have developed some cracks and resulted in swamping in the already inundated areas in several parts of Brazil. 


 The death toll from flash floods in northeastern Brazil has risen to 18 since November, officials said Sunday.

Dozens of cities were also flooded in the state of Bahia, while more than 430,000 people have been affected in the last week, said local civil protection agency Sudec.

At least 16,000 people lost their homes and over 19,000 others were evacuated, the agency noted in the statement.

A total of 72 cities in Bahia declared a state of emergency due to torrential downpours and flooding.



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