Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Hurricane Ida leaves devastation in Louisiana



 Hurricane Ida may have passed over Louisiana however its effects could last for weeks, with widespread power cuts and long queues for petrol forming.

 In the sweltering summer humidity, queues have grown at one of the few places in town with petrol and there is a warning it could be a month before the electricity is back on. 

A man was apparently killed outside his home by an alligator in the floodwaters. More people died when part of a road gave way in torrential rain in Mississippi and across the region officials expect the number to rise. 

Hospitals, already seeing a surge in COVID cases, are concerned about a further spread amid all the chaos....



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  1. New Orleans officials have imposed a citywide curfew as large parts of Louisiana and Mississippi remain without power following Hurricane Ida.

    Mayor LaToya Cantrell said the curfew would last from 20:00 to 06:00 and police said there had been "several" incidents of looting in the city.

    Energy companies are working to restore power but residents are being warned it could take weeks in some areas.

    Meanwhile water services and infrastructure have also been hit.

    Two people were killed and at least 10 injured after a section of highway collapsed near Lucedale, Mississippi on Monday.

    Several cars were reported to have fallen into a hole that was 50 to 60ft (15 to 18m) long and 20 to 30ft deep, according to highway police.

    Local authorities believe that some of the drivers may not have been able to see the road properly because of the heavy rains. The highway remains closed.

    Over eight inches (20cm) of rain fell in the area during Ida, which reached the US mainland as a Category 4 storm on Sunday.
    Residents urged not to return home

    While Ida's speed has slowed, authorities continue to warn of storm surges and heavy rains across the southern US.

    By Tuesday afternoon, Ida was in Tennessee, soaking the area with intense rain and prompting flash flood warnings....BBC


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