Sunday, September 05, 2021

Emergency Cleanup Crews Dispatched to Contain Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico After Hurricane Ida - Sputnik International

Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico After Hurricane Ida

Cleanup personnel were responding to a large oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico following Hurricane Ida, the Associated Press reported on Saturday, citing the US Coast Guard.

The outlet reported that the spill was spreading eastward along the Gulf Coast for more than 19 km (12 miles).

    Response teams were monitoring reports and satellite photos to identify the scope of the discharge, according to Coast Guard spokesman Lt. John Edwards who is quoted in the report. He said that the source of the pollution is thought to be crude oil from a Talos Energy-owned undersea pipeline in Bay Marchand, Block 4.

The company that owns the pipeline reportedly hired a non-profit oil-spill cooperative, Clean Gulf Associates to resolve the issue. The workers, who were reportedly dispatched to the area on Wednesday, have set up a containment boom in the vicinity to prevent the oil from spreading farther. The company's ships are also equipped with skimmers that can remove oil from the water, however, the Coast Guard estimated that approximately 160 liters (42 gallons) have been removed thus far...

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