Sunday, July 11, 2021

Canada heatwave cooks up to one billion shellfish alive | DW News



The Canadian province of British Columbia registered all-time record temperatures this summer. Hundreds of people died in connection with the extreme heat. And the impact on ecosystems was devastating: Scientists say up to a billion shellfish may have perished.

Bays in Western Canada are normally ideal for shellfish. They thrive in the secluded, nutrient-rich waters. But mussels and clams don't do well in extreme heat. And the region's recent heatwave has literally cooked them alive:
British Columbia's aquaculture industry depends largely on the region's mild climate. That is changing. Farming families who have thrived here for generations are now worried about the future.

The mass die-off illustrates the impact of climate change - here and now. Climatologists have concluded it's virtually impossible the scorching temperatures could have occurred without global warming.

And Western Canada's record-breaking June may be a harbinger of things to come. Threatening a way of life in the bays of British Columbia.

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