Thursday, April 22, 2021

Brief History of Panama Canal Construction



 Brief History of Panama Canal Construction from 1876 - 1914

In this video we will see brief history of panama canal construction starting from 1876 when a  French company was formed and work was started under the leadership of Ferdinand de Lesseps in 18181. Ferdinand had just completed Suez canal successfully.

We will also see why even after 8 years of work only about 40% was completed and French company failed, went bankrupt and suspended the work in 1889.

After failure of French company to complete the Panama canal, United States took over in 1904, and started the work with drastically changed design. Efficient work of US team made it successfully complete the canal and it was opened on August 15, 1914.

Over last 100 plus years, more than a million ships have crossed panama canal, Its vitality to global trade has ever increased, And It has been one of the greatest engineering marvels of human history. It proved to be a vital component to global trade routes and changed shipping patterns, removing the need for ships to navigate the Drake Passage and Cape Horn. The canal saves a total of about 7,800 miles. Let's see the video for the very interesting and educative history of panama canal.

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