Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Texas weather: Deadly winter storm sweeps Texas and US southern states - BBC News | EL KAOS UT


A winter storm in the US has brought deadly freezing winds, ice and snow to many regions that rarely see such frigid conditions.

In Texas, a surge in demand for electricity has led to widespread power cuts. The state is bracing for another icy storm later on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service (NWS) said more than 150 million Americans were now under winter storm warnings.

At least 11 deaths have been blamed on the widespread storm.

Deaths have been reported in Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky and Louisiana.

In North Carolina, a tornado spawned by the same storm left three dead and 10 injured early on Tuesday morning. Officials there say rescues are ongoing.

On Tuesday, the National Weather Service reported that over 73% of the US is currently covered by snow...


*** La tormenta invernal que ha causado ya la muerte de al menos 14 personas, dejado a millones más sin electricidad y obligado a cancelar más de 5.100 vuelos comerciales, avanza hoy desde el centro y sur hacia el noreste de Estados Unidos con impacto sobre unos 200 millones de habitantes. (EFE)

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  1. A huge winter storm sweeping across the southern US has killed at least 21 people and left millions without power.

    There have been widespread blackouts in Texas, where the energy grid was overwhelmed by a surge in demand.

    Millions of people in the state, which rarely experiences such low temperatures, have been struggling to cope with the lack of power and frigid conditions.

    The extreme weather is forecast to continue until the weekend.

    Deaths attributed to the storm have been recorded in Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, North Carolina and Missouri.


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