Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Afghanistan successfully tests water flow at major dam

Kamal Khan Dam

Afghanistan on Wednesday successfully tested water flow at a major dam in southwestern Nimroz province bordering Iran after nearly six decades of the inception of the mega project, officials said.

According to the country’s National Water Affairs Regulation Authority (NWARA), the Kamal Khan Dam would help irrigate close to 175,000 hectares (432,434 acres) of land besides generating up to nine megawatts of electricity.

NWARA Spokesman Nizam Khpalwak said on Wednesday it is hoped the dam would help irrigate vast swaths of land.

Located on the Helmand River in Chahar Burjak district of Nimroz province, the Kamal Khan Dam was first conceived in the 1960s. However, war hindered completion of the project until President Ashraf Ghani resumed work on it in 2017....



***Iran has reiterated its concerns over the construction of Kamal Khan Dam, saying the dam threatens its national interests, Sayhoon news reported based on the documents received.

Tehran has communicated to Kabul saying after the diversion of the Hermand and Hamun Rivers will damage Iran

 The Iranian government also said in the document that the current structure of the Kamal Khan Dam threatens Iran's interests and doesn’t take into account Iran's requested changes in the dam structure. "We urge the Government of Afghanistan to reconsider the design and structure of the Kamal Khan Dam," the document said.

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