Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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Record cold in Spain

Spain recorded “historic” temperatures overnight from Monday to Tuesday, the mercury dropping to -25.4 ° C and complicating snow removal, especially in the capital Madrid, where many streets remained blocked.

Much of the central and eastern part of the country was still covered in snow on Tuesday after the passage of an unprecedented storm. Baptized Filomena, the latter also caused heavy rains elsewhere in Spain, and caused the death of three people.

While much of the country is now hit by a cold snap, two homeless people were found dead Monday evening in Barcelona, ​​according to local authorities. The bodies showed signs of hypothermia.

In central and eastern Spain, the mercury dropped to -25.4 degrees in a village in the Aragon region, northeast of Madrid, the weather agency AEMET said, in evoking “historic” temperatures.
Record cold in Spain after the snowstorm

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  1. La ola de frío ha dejado temperaturas mínimas extremas en buena parte de España. La más baja se ha registrado en Bello, Teruel, donde han alcanzado los 25 grados negativos. No tan altas pero también extremas las que se han registrado en muchos puntos de Castilla-León, Castilla-La Mancha o Madrid donde llevaban desde 1945 sin bajar de los menos 10 grados.


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