Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Croatia earthquake: Child killed as rescuers search rubble in Petrinja - BBC News

Croatia earthquake

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake has struck southern Croatia, with reports of many injuries and at least one death.

A 12-year-old girl was killed in Petrinja, the prime minister said as he visited the town.

The mayor said around half the town had been destroyed and people were being pulled from the rubble.

The earthquake could be felt in the Croatian capital Zagreb, in neighbouring Bosnia and Serbia, and as far away as Italy.

"We are pulling people from the cars, we don't know if we have dead or injured," Darinko Dumbovic, the mayor of Petrinja, told regional broadcaster N1. 


Magnitude    Mw 6.4
Region    CROATIA
Date time    2020-12-29 11:19:54.6 UTC
Location    45.46 N ; 16.31 E
Depth    10 km


  47 km SE of Zagreb, Croatia / pop: 698,000 / local time: 12:19:54.6 2020-12-29
5 km WSW of Sisak, Croatia / pop: 35,700 / local time: 12:19:54.6 2020-12-29


  1. An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 was recorded on Tuesday in Croatia according to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre.

    A strong and shallow magnitude 6.5 earthquake a few minutes ago in Croatia, ~40km southeast of Zagreb. We can probably expect quite strong shaking and hence some damage to buildings from this earthquake. pic.twitter.com/bHdm3yoIqt

    1. While the epicenter of the earthquake was located in the Petrinja city in Croatia's center, people across the country and even in neighboring states felt the shocks.

      According to Croatian media outlets, the earthquake left a child killed in Petrinja. There are also informal reports about injuries, as some people were forced to jump off roofs.

    2. Slovenia has shut nuclear plant as precaution amid earthquake in Croatia.

  2. Croatian Defense Minister Tomo Medved said the death toll reached six, including a 12-year-old girls death in Petrinja and five more near Glina.

    “We have a lot of victims. In the vicinity of Glina, in the town of Majske Poljane, five deaths have been confirmed so far. With a girl from Petrinja, a total of six people died in this devastating earthquake,” Medved told reporters in Glina.


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