Sunday, December 31, 2017

More than 36,000 without power after snow storms hit Canadian BC province

Two snow storms in Canada's western province of British Columbia
Two snow storms in Canada's western province of British Columbia have left more than 36,000 people without power until Saturday noon, according to local media reports.

"These storms have caused extensive damage to our electrical systems," a spokesperson of British Columbia Hydro said. "Trees have actually been coated by a layer of ice, so that additional weight on the branches is actually causing them to break and fall on the power lines."

The hardest-hit areas are in Abbotsford and Mission in the southern area of the province where two ice storms ravaged the areas Friday. The storms have affected nearly 120,000 residents.

As of Saturday morning, 82,000 residents have had their power restored while more than 36,000 were still suffering "without power."

The spokesperson said more hydro crews have been brought in from other regions to work to help with the restoration of power. "The progress has been unfortunately limited just due to the extremely challenging conditions."

Police in the area urged residents to stay indoors until the weather changes.

Canada was faced with an epic cold weather that had plunged the mercury to record-setting lows, with forecasts calling for daily highs in the -20 to -30 degrees Celsius range in major cities across the country, according to Environment Canada Thursday.

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