Monday, December 18, 2017

Liquify your loved ones? New eco-friendly burials could replace cremation

British families could soon opt to have their late loved ones liquefied and poured down the drain in environmentally friendly sendoffs. The technique is thought to be more efficient than burial or cremation.

A council in the West Midlands is hoping to offer resomation – or water cremation. Bodies are submerged in an alkaline solution in a metal vat, which is then heated for around three hours in a process known as alkaline hydrolysis.

The result is a green-and-brown tinged liquid with bone fragments which can be ground down to return to families in an urn.

One added benefit of the ‘green’ funeral is anything inserted into the body can be found intact afterwards, including artificial joint replacements and golden teeth.

While cremation destroys breast implants and explodes pacemakers, resomation leaves them in one piece.

Leeds based Resomation Ltd is hoping Britons will consider the process for after their death as concerns are raised over carbon emissions from crematories.

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