Friday, November 24, 2017

Nuclear specialists to set up commission to find source of ruthenium-106

source of ruthenium-106
Nuclear industry specialists will set up a commission to find the source of origin of the radioactive ruthenium-106 detected by European and Russian environmental monitoring systems in the atmosphere, Russia’s civil nuclear power corporation Rosatom reported on Friday.

"Considering that the Russian and European public as well as mass media have raised a straightforward issue to find the ruthenium-106 source of origin, which was detected in the atmosphere of a number of states, the scientists have proposed to set up an independent commission," Rosatom said in a statement.

The Institute of Nuclear Power Safe Development within the Russian Academy of Sciences has expressed its consent to coordinate the work to establish the commission of nuclear industry specialists.

On its part, Rosatom will provide all the necessary assistance to the commission’s work and will keep the public informed about its results.

As Rosatom said, the commission will bring together representatives of Russian and European scientific organizations, supervisory authorities and nuclear industry specialists with the required skills and survey capabilities.

The commission will make a repeat analysis of radiation control monitoring data, develop and verify computer models reconstructing the spread and flow of air masses.

As was reported earlier, European environmental monitoring services detected the traces of the ruthenium-106 radioactive isotope in the air in October. Similar results were reported from Russia.

The Institute of Nuclear Power Safe Development within the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian national commission for protection against radiation risk noted that the ruthenium-106 levels registered in the atmosphere in late September and early October were by up to 10,000 times below the permissible concentrations and posed no danger for people and the environment. At the same time, they came up with an initiative to set up an independent group of scientists to identify the causes of the radionuclide’s discharge into the atmosphere.

Rosatom confirmed earlier that all the nuclear facilities in Russia, including nuclear power units as well as the nuclear weapons sector’s enterprises, have operated and are operating routinely.

No radiation incidents at the facilities of the nuclear sector have been reported or registered. Radiation levels around all of Russia’s nuclear industry facilities have been monitored continuously and stay within the limits of the multi-year natural values and correspond to the natural background level.

The lack of linkage between the emergence of ruthenium-106 and the activities of Russian nuclear enterprises has been confirmed by all required external and internal inspections.

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