Tuesday, August 29, 2017

6,000-ton railway arch erected for Crimea bridge (VIDEO)

Kerch Strait
Engineers have completed lifting a giant railway arch onto the support columns for a bridge to Crimea. The unique overnight mounting took place 35 meters above the Kerch Strait.

The operation took more than 12 hours and 16 650-ton lifting devices to install the 227-meter-long arch. It was hoisted with 700 cables closely observed by 30 engineers, surveyors and other personnel.

With the lifting operation completed, the constructors will be using special equipment to fix the arch in place throughout the day.

Another arch will be built for the road section of what is to become a 19-kilometer-long (12-mile-long) bridge.

 Spanning the Kerch Strait, it will connect the peninsula of Crimea with mainland Russia. The first cars are expected to cross as soon as December 2018.
Kerch Strait

Crimea bridge

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