Monday, July 17, 2017

Russian scientist works on forecasts of climate change in Arctic

Okhotsk Sea
A scientist of the Pacific Oceanology Institute named after Ilyichev, analyzes sediments from lakes and seas to forecast climate changes and development of natural processes in the Arctic and in Baikal. The project has received a grant of 2.3 million rubles ($38,000) from the Russian Science Fund, the project's author Alexander Kolesnik told TASS on Monday.

"Expected results are of potential practical value and may be used in paleo-reconstructions with following forecasts of climate changes, areas and thickness of sea ice, biology productivity, development of hazardous natural processes and general ecological state of strategically important regions, for expanding of mineral and resource bases, which is especially important for the Arctic region," the scientist said.

The scientist will not have expeditions during the project, he will use hundreds of tests from the upper layers of the sediments in the East-Siberian and Chukotka Seas and the neighboring off-shelf areas of the Arctic Ocean, the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench with the deep-sea areas of the Pacific Ocean, the Okhotsk Sea's Kuril Hollow, and the Baikal Lake.

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