Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dakota Access Pipeline Leaks before Becoming Operational

A leak in the Dakota Access pipeline at a pump station in South Dakota in early April, sparked outrage as activists have called into question its environmental safety.

The long-debated pipeline leaked at least  84 gallons of crude oil on April 4 in Tulare Township in Spink County, according to the South Dakota Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, RT reported.

Reports of the incident emerged just several days before the pipeline becomes fully operational.

The report of the spill can be found on the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources website.

The agency apparently did not make any official announcement on the incident as it was relatively minor and had no environmental impact, according to Brian Walsh, a scientist with the department, as cited by the Guardian. The site “was cleaned up right away," the official added as quoted by ABC news.

The spill occurred less than 110 miles from Lake Oahe, which supplies Sioux tribes with water.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, which protested the planned pipeline and warned of potential threats to drinking water supplies and the environment, condemned the incident.

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