Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Flooding, power cuts as Storm Angus batters England, Wales with wind, rain

Parts of England and Wales woke up on Tuesday to flooded roads, power cuts and railway delays due to heavy winds and rain brought about by a powerful storm, according to British authorities.

Some residential areas in North East England were subject to power cuts after "Storm Angus" left in its wake heavy rainfall.

Counties in South West England were also affected.

The passengers of a ferry crossing the Irish Sea were forced to spend the night on board off the coast of Wales after its route was canceled due to wind and rain.

The British government's flood information service issued a flood warning advisory at 09.36 local time, which included 37 flood warnings requiring immediate action and 196 flood alerts advising people to get ready to evacuate.

A further 110 flood warnings and alerts were declared no longer in force over the past 24 hours.

According to the Met Office, the United Kingdom's national weather service, the bad weather was expected to continue until the end of the week.

Heavy rain was causing severe traffic congestion and some delays to rail services linking the North and the South of England.

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  1. The Government was surprised today to learn that heavy rain is likely to cause flooding...

    Prolonged downpours result in rising river levels and torrents of water cascading down hills, astonished officials were told.

    Yet, as Britain was hit by more than 200 flood alerts today, a Government spokesman said: “Who could have predicted such a thing?”

    Campaigners have been demanding extra money for flood defences for years, but budgets have been slashed, creating havoc in towns and villages across the UK.

    One flooding victim said: “Without spending more money, heavy rain will cause flooding as sure as night follows day. Only the Government seems surprised by this.”


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