Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Alaska Volcano Observatory Raises Cleveland Volcano Alert After Explosion

The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) issued a report raising the alert level for the Cleveland volcano to orange, its second-highest rating, after detecting an explosion at the remote volcano.

 The Cleveland volcano is located on the remote and uninhabited Chuginadak Island in the east central Aleutians, about 45 miles west of Nikolski and 940 miles southwest of the Alaskan capital Anchorage.

The volcano’s most recent eruption began in February 2001.

"AVO detected an explosion at Cleveland Volcano in both infrasound (air pressure) and seismic data today," the report stated on Monday.

 Residents 45 miles away in Nikolski, Alaska reported hearing the explosion, but the AVO said there was no evidence of an eruption cloud or ash cloud.

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