Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Authorities expand buffer zone around anthrax spot in Russia's Yamal

The buffer zone created around the hotbed of the anthrax outbreak in the Yamal-Nenets autonomous area has been expanded to 11,000 square kilometers, the press office of the region’s governor has told TASS.

"The buffer zone around the anthrax outbreak spot has been expanded to 100 kilometers by 110 kilometers (an area of 11,000 square kilometers) in order to prevent the further spread of the disease. Vaccination within the security zone will be mandatory. All reindeer will be examined and nomads’ health put under control, as follows from what the director of the veterinary department at Russia’s Agriculture Ministry, Vladimir Shevkoplias, told a news conference," the press-office said.

According to the authorities, the hotbed itself is much smaller. "Such a large buffer zone was created to be on the safe side. Massive death of livestock has been stopped."

Earlier, TASS said that all reindeer in the Yamal-Nenets autonomous area will be vaccinated against anthrax.

"The veterinarians are going to vaccinate against anthrax all reindeer in Yamal - more than 700,000 head all in all, first and foremost, the herds in the Yamal district, where the outbreak of the disease has occurred. The Tazovsky and Priuralsky districts are next in line. Not a single case has been registered there, but when biological security is at stake, it is better to take extra precautions," the governor’s press-service said.

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