Thursday, May 05, 2016

Unacceptable delays in regards to the Greek EEZ

The fact that the large lisencing round regarding marine plots 1, 2 and 10, hasn't as yet reached completion, is indicative of the unacceptable politics which did, and does anything in its power so that the Greek EEZ would not be utilized.

As from the beginning they've tried to cancel the lisencing round, regarding the twenty marine plots, unlike the dynamics portayed by the Republic of Cyprus.
Then they added artificial postponements so that they could gain time loss.
By the time the second period reached the due date, they had not even managed to man the committee re: the evaluation.
After that, they've replaced the competent ministers for merely internal partisanly reasons.
Later they connected the opening of the three files to the capital controls, whereas is was clearly in the interest of our homeland.
They pretend that the EEZ is a flag for their political party, but not only nothing has been done towards it, but the postponements have taken us further back.
All these resulting to the Cypriot third licensing round to be reaching an end, before this licensing round, which started in 2014.
In actual fact, they do what even they see fit, in order to avoid any development in this field, at the expense of Greece of course.
And if that's not enough, they simultaneously are trying to convince us that the lack of interest derives from the lack of geological structures, even though we have identified them, and we surely obtain target reserves.
In fact we all know that it was the political uncertainty, and now the political instability which act as obstacles to the whole process and nothing else.
 N. Lygeros - OPUS
 ***Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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