Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Deadly Heat Wave Is Sweeping Through India

A years-long drought in India is starting to take a toll on 330 million of the country’s residents as people suffer from water shortages and poor farmers are helpless to save their dying crops.

During Supreme Court testimony, one of the Indian government’s top lawyers said that a quarter of the country’s population across nearly 256 districts have been affected by the drought after two consecutive years of poor monsoon rains.

Already, the drought has forced the government to release funds to those areas hardest hit, where the lack of rainfall has led to the rationing of drinking water.

Monsoon rains

Most Indians are reliant on the monsoon rains for survival, and as summer hits they are being forced to travel very long distances to find water, as their wells continue to dry up.

Temperatures in parts of eastern, central and southern India have remained high over the past several weeks, and caused more than 160 deaths in the past several weeks. Most of those who died during the heat-wave were laborers and farmers, forced to work outside during days where temperatures exceed 40C....

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