Wednesday, March 09, 2016

State of Emergency Declared in 15 Flooded Serbian Municipalities

The government's press office said a state of emergency has been declared on Tuesday for 15 municipalities because of flood-related damages.

The decision was made during a government session that tackled the issues of flooding, torrential rains and watercourses that led to the evacuation of 118 people. A total of 710 houses have been flooded across the country.

The state of emergency was declared mostly for central and western municipalities where properties and arable land have been damaged or destroyed.

The government has deployed army personnel in Cacak, Kraljevo and other cities located along the West Morava River.

According to the Serbian Prime Minister, the severity of the disaster is nowhere near the deluge that hit the country in 2014. The state of emergency was declared as a means of prevention.

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